Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bharwa Baingan / Eggplant stuffed curry

This curry is very tasty and very common on every Indian kitchen specially on north side, I learnt it to my Mom and love to eat it.
Normally it cooked with lots of oil and much more spices, but I have cooked it with less quantity of oil and spices.
So I share it to all, and my viewers comments will definitely encourage me, so please comment.

Eggplant stuffed curry


Eggplant thin (small or large)
Bharwa masala
Salt as per taste
Mustard oil 3-4 tea spoon
Red chilli powder 1 tea spoon

How to prepare:

Wash eggplant (baingan or brinjal) and dry them.
Then make a long half depth cut on vertical length in each eggplant.
Now take bharwa masala in a bowl (quantity approximately ½ tea spoon for each eggplant), and mix red chilli powder, dry mango powder (Aamchur), and salt as to taste.
Take one eggplant and try to open from its cut side, and fill spice bharwa mix in it.
Do the same process with all remaining eggplants.

If eggplants looks more open, and spice mix are coming out, then take thread and roll and bind eggplants.
Heat a pan and pour one tea spoon oil on it.
Arrange all stuffed eggplants on the pan and spread remaining oil on all eggplants.
Keep the flame in low medium and cook with close pan.
Periodically, change the side of baingan (change cooked side up and down the uncooked side).

When all sides got roasted and dark brown in colour, close flame, and serve hot.

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